The International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies was founded in 2000 by Dr Mick Upton. The knowledge generated by the Centre’s groundbreaking work on projects in the UK and overseas has been utilised to improve safety at a wide range of events. To support its activities focused on research, business development, training and education, the Centre has operated in three main ways:

    • Centre staff and students carry out research and industrial projects, create reports and initiate and develop dialogue with a range of partners.
    • University lecturers and company employees deliver business, leadership, management and other training programmes to those in industry.
    • Working in collaboration with the Centre, employers and training providers deliver training and education to companies, associations and government agencies across the world.
The creation and maintenance of partnerships plays a vital part in the success of the Centre. Partners are involved in a range of activities, including training, lecturing, examination delivery, practical projects and research. Organisations wishing to become partners or accredited training providers, or to work with the Centre in other ways, are considered according to criteria which emphasise quality assurance and enhancement. The Centre delivers quality procedures in line with the University, to ensure best practice and encourage recognition by relevant industry bodies. The Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies is currently endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and recognised by a number of associations, governing bodies and government organisations.

Professor Chris Kemp

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